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NYSBA Mission

Our mission is to promote the awareness and advancement of Bioenergetic Analysis by providing in-depth didactic and experiential education and training to mental health professionals and providing information, workshops, referrals and high quality body-oriented psychotherapy for the community at large. We strongly believe in the principle that working actively with mind and body leads to healing and emotional wellness.

About Bioenergetic Psychotherapy

Bioenergetic Analysis is a psychotherapy committed to the premise that problems of the mind are revealed and expressed in the body. Since 1956, The New York Society for Bioenergetic Analysis (NYSBA) has helped people achieve healing and emotional wellness through active mind/body psychotherapy.

Alexander Lowen, MD, who founded Bioenergetics, believed that emotional problems in living should be understood and addressed through a combination of in-depth talk and a deep exploration of the language of the body - that is, how we breathe, move and express ourselves physically. Modern Bioenergetic therapists understand that blocks to emotional expression and wellness can be seen and worked with in the body. Recent findings in neuroscience have substantiated the importance of working with the body in psychotherapy. Bioenergetic Analysis is unique and dedicated to emotional growth, aliveness, pleasure, love, autonomy and a rich connection to others and the world.

Our Philosophy

Bioenergetic Analysis offers a rigorous, sophisticated analytic approach that centrally integrates somatic experience and expression as core foundational building blocks of theory and technique. This way of working psychotherapeutically is grounded in body process, which is an integral part of all psychological process; its focus is on the expression of the self in body, movement and relationship to others. Emotional problems and their dynamics are manifested in the whole being - mind and body - and in the minds and bodies of our family members, partners, dependents and in society. Somatic-energetic processes are central aspects of emotional and psychological healing. The search to become emotionally healthy must be grounded in the integration of psyche and soma.